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"Sir, my computer has a virus!"

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"Sir, my computer has a virus!"

Post by sk8r gurl on Wed Oct 21, 2009 12:55 am

Yesterday, in school, I had a plain old ICT lesson. My friend, George, turned on his computer. It started normally.

Then the computer went black for about a second, and afterwards, a dark blue screen came up with white writing.

George said 'Sir, my computer has a virus!'
Even though I'm not a teacher (I'm an average teenage pupil), I replied 'That's not a virus. That's the Blue Screen of Death.'
So George said 'Sir, my computer has the Blue Screen of Death!'
The teacher didn't listen. So George started bashing random keys trying to get rid of the dark blue screen, but failed miserably. Then he looked at the BSoD, and noticed that it said:

If this is the first time you've seen this Stop Error screen, restart your computer.

So he restarted it.

Then, after the Windows XP logo showed up, it happened again. George said 'Sir! The blue screen of death won't leave me alone!'
Still, the teacher wouldn't listen. So George bashed the keys again. Eventually, when me and the rest of the class stopped laughing and going 'mua mua muaaaaa', I put my hand up. This time, he actually answered me. I told him that George had the Blue Screen of Death on his computer.

The teacher had a look, confirmed that it WAS a BSoD, and wanted to know if the computer had any viruses. George looked at the computer box.
'I don't see any viruses, Sir.'
(He obviously wouldn't have, because viruses happen on screen, and they are usually not visible.)
He told George to go on the next computer. So he did, and the teacher called the technician.

One minute later...

'Sir, the Blue Screen of Death won't stop following me!'

I'm starting to think that George is an error screen magnet...

Even though it was quite painful for these two computers, the whole class were entertained by it for some reason.

P.S. Now his favourite colour isn't blue any more. It's now red. But he hasn't seen the red screen of death yet. DON'T TELL HIM ;D
sk8r gurl

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Re: "Sir, my computer has a virus!"

Post by Baby Luigi on Thu Oct 22, 2009 6:03 pm

That's so funny

Baby Luigi
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Proud teletubby of SMBF =]

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