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Approved Websites

Post by The Monkey Man on Thu Nov 05, 2009 9:40 am

Here is a list of approved links. If you would like to post any of these anywhere on the site, feel free. If you would like to post a link and it's not on the list, you need to PM an Admin to ask for permission first.

Any links posted without permission that are not on this list will be removed and the user warned.

Also, you can't post any links on here if you have under 10 posts and/or you've been on here for under 10 days, approved or not.

And please note that some of the sites MIGHT have non-G-content on there, so make sure that links you post don't break any of SMBF's rules.

Here is what we have approved so far:

This list may change unexpectedly. Because of the above website changing their policies (age policies don't count) and advertisers, we may block them. If you find another site which you want added to the list, please PM it to The Monkey Man for approval. It might not be added right away, though. Not all sites made it because they won't really fit into a G-rated website.

We apologies for all the frustration and confusion with blocking some sites have caused. It wasn't the easiest choice for us to make, but feel it was the right one to make to help keep our members safe from some unsuitable material.


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