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Rules and Tips for the Groups, Clans and Fanclubs forum

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Rules and Tips for the Groups, Clans and Fanclubs forum

Post by The Monkey Man on Fri Nov 20, 2009 3:01 am

Firstly, let's cover the boring bit - the rules. However, they are here to keep a safe community, and to make your clan have higher reputation.

1. No group, clan or fanclub here has control over any other clan. This includes any SMBF endorsed group, clan or fanclub. Any decision based on what a group, clan or fanclub should do (change their name, members they should be have, etc.) will be decided either by the leaders of said group, clan or fanclub OR, if it breaks the rules, will be done by a mod. Any attempt by a group, clan or fanclub to control another clan will be considered trolling, and will result in a warning or suspension.

2. If a group, clan or fanclub feels that another group, clan or fanclub is copying them, they should bring the issue to a moderator. If a thread, post, or private message telling you to change any aspect of your group, clan or fanclub due to "plagiarism" is written by anyone other than a moderator, please report it immediately. This is also considered trolling, and well also result in a warning or suspension.

3. Fights between groups, clans or fanclubs that lead to persistant flaming or trolling after repeated warnings by the mods will result in both groups/clans/fanclubs being permanently removed from SMBF, and the owners of them will be banned from using the Clans forum.

4. If the leaders of a group, clan or fanclub are found to be breaking any of the special rules set above or if a violation of the any of other site policy involves their group, clan or fanclub, and they have been warned more than twice by a mod, the entire group, clan or fanclub will be permanently removed from SMBF. This counts even if it is only one leader breaking the rules and the group, clan or fanclub is run by multiple people. You are EXPECTED to keep each other in check and bring any issues to a mod.

5. Any members of a group, clan or fanclub who break rules involving the clan will be dealt with individually unless the leaders have been told otherwise by the mods. In certain cases, an entire group, clan or fanclub may be removed due to one members actions.

6. You can not refuse member requests based on the person. This includes, but is not limited to, a person's age, gender, race, religion, or simply because you don't like the person.

7. We will not tolerate any groups, clans or fanclubs that include being mean, bashing others, rule breaking, and griefing as an activity.

We reserve the right to add/delete or modify any and all policies for this site at any time we deem necessary.


Now, let's cover some tips for making your clan better:

1. Have the name catchy, and easy to remember. Names are an important part in getting your clan well-known. I'm sure people would rather join a clan called "The Good Doggies!" than "itz teh guud dogs maein thrd! jion 2day coz it pwnz!".

2. Have a specific topic for your clan to follow, and have this interesting as well. People would prefer "The Super Brawlers" than "The Ben Stein Fanclub". Have this on a topic that is close or easily related to Mario/SMBF/Nintendo, since this is a MARIO forum, and people come here to discuss MARIO.

3. Have the main thread well presented and good looking. Include specific and important information about your clan, and have it quite long and easy to read. This means keeping bad grammar (txt tlk, 1337 543@#, etc.) to a minimum, making the most out of colors, text size, and font, and split it up into sections, so it's not all stuffed into one paragraph.

4. Hold events for your clan. Host game high-scoring, brawl tournaments, competitions, or anything else that will make your clan more fun and interesting. You can't exactly have a clan that doesn't do anything, can ya? Razz

5. Ensure the clan is active, so it doesn't end up closing down or being archive. Try to only own one clan at a time in order to prevent this from happening.

SMBF Mods and Admins


The Monkey Man
The Monkey Man

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Re: Rules and Tips for the Groups, Clans and Fanclubs forum

Post by Baby Luigi on Fri Nov 20, 2009 8:44 pm

Ok Monkey Man thanks
Baby Luigi
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Proud teletubby of SMBF =]

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Re: Rules and Tips for the Groups, Clans and Fanclubs forum

Post by Yo Momma on Sun Nov 29, 2009 1:57 am

i want 2 make a clan, but don't know how! plz help Smile
Yo Momma
Yo Momma
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Proud member of SMBF =]

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Re: Rules and Tips for the Groups, Clans and Fanclubs forum

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