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Account Names - Rules, Regulations, and Guidelines

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Account Names - Rules, Regulations, and Guidelines

Post by The Monkey Man on Fri Nov 27, 2009 3:04 pm

When you sign up an account for this forum, the first thing you have to do is think up a name for your account.

It can be anything you like, as long as it follows these rules:

  • Avoid using names that would be commonly used in the future. e.g. Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, etc.
  • Avoid using names that have letter(s) that's not on the official English keyboard. If your desired name has a heart, accept, etc. in it, it will be changed. e.g. ♥DebbieOoo♦, b0b۞۩ᶗ
  • Avoid using names that violate site guidelines. This might give you a ban without warning. e.g. Gordon Brown, www .*websitename*. com
  • Avoid using names that bash others, e.g. TMM Stinks, Bob the Duck is lame
  • Avoid using names less than 3 letters long and more than 18 characters long. This will make you harder to find within the Admin panel. e.g. cl, The Giant Duckling Who Dislikes Pie
  • Avoid using names that consist of numbers/symbols only. Most spambots use these, so if you use them you might be considered one. e.g. 234089, !"$%^&*()
  • Avoid using names that replicate non-memey celebrities. e.g. Johnny Depp, George Lopez.
  • Avoid using names that give away personal/contact information, such as your phone number, year you were born in, last/full name, hometown, or email address. e.g. 30thFeb1982CharlesSmith, NorthLosAngelesDude

Breakage of these rules may result in immediate name changes without any warning or notification, or if it's severe enough, a suspension/ban.

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