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Changes made to the Profiles

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Changes made to the Profiles

Post by The Monkey Man on Sat Dec 12, 2009 3:35 am

1. Age removed from user profiles.
2. Homepage field completely removed.
3. Location field changed to a Location field that is a drop down menu of pre-set locations. Location field replaced on posts and user profiles.

Many of these changes were done to increase security for our users personal information. Some were done due to constant violations found in these fields. Though this also removed the chance that someone would add something inappropriate to this area of their profile. Yes, these changes will take some of the work load off our mods as well. Many would spend all day reviewing user's profiles for violations and having to deal with those instead of reviewing posts as they should be mainly working on.

We are trying to cut down on inappropriate comments left on the forums and to increase our users' personal safety. We're not doing this just to be hateful and cruel. Every action has a cause and effect. If there wasn't enough to merit the changes, then they never would have been done. I'm sure it might hard on the part of a normal user around here to notice certain trends that happen on the forums. As an admin of the forum trying to oversee the trends and actions of everything going on, I guess, I would have a unique prospective from most.

We fully understand while some of these changes may be popular that some others may not be. You do have the right to complain but these are the changes made and they won't be reversed at this point. We're very sorry if you are unhappy with these changes but we feel the benifits will out weigh hindering our user's creativity. This is something that the entire admin staff has been considering doing for some time now. If you are a member of our other sites, you will soon be seeing the same changes taking effect on them as well.

Yes, we will consider taking suggestions for the new drop down menu fields. We enjoyed reading the funny things people used to write in for their locations too. Keep in mind that we are looking for game or forum related topics to be added. All submissions will be considered by the admin staff and then decided on whether to be used or not. You can find the thread in the Site Feedback forum.

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