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Submitting Websites To Be Approved

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Submitting Websites To Be Approved Empty Submitting Websites To Be Approved

Post by The Monkey Man on Sun Dec 13, 2009 8:46 am

As you may or may not know, there are only a handful of sites allowed to be posted here; a list is located in this subforum. You may submit sites to be approved, but they must follow these guidelines:

- The site must be PG-rated at the most, and shouldn't break many of these site's rules. If it does break any rules, it must be one of the mild rules, and it can't be something that you see straight away when visiting the site.
- The site must be pop-up/ad free. Popups and ads can be dangerous sometimes, and we don't want our members to be virused by a website you just posted.
- The site must not involve any illegal activity. This includes criminal encouragement, 3mul&tion, BitT0rrent sites, or anything else similar.
- The site must not include any of your or anyone else's personal information, or ask members for any personal information if signing up is required. This includes last name, town/city/address, image of self, or the like.
- The site must be useful to the members in some way. So don't get your hopes up if you're posting a forum, posting something to buy in order for you/someone else to make money, or the like.

To ask for one to be approved, make sure it doesn't break any rules on this list, then PM it to me or sk8r gurl for approval.

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