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Are you SURE you're leaving?

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Are you SURE you're leaving? Empty Are you SURE you're leaving?

Post by The Monkey Man on Tue Dec 29, 2009 12:59 pm


In order to not cause any chaos and confusion, please do NOT post any 'goodbye' threads unless you are absoloutely CERTAIN that you are leaving/taking a break lasting five days or more. Any threads that have a leave date of less than five days will be removed and the user warned.

May you also be cautioned not to overdramatise your leaving threads. This happens a lot on other forums, and I don't want this one to end up like them! In most cases of leavers (not all), they usually return after a certain amount of time. So don't say that you're leaving forever when you don't even know how long you're going to be gone for. And if you quit, don't come on here everyday and post like nothing's happened. Not only are you making yourself look stupid, you're also upsetting people.


Poster 1: ImaLevin4Evurs i go on dis 2 much and my teeth fell oot and my hiar lokos liek John Travoltas goodbey 4euvr!!!!!!!!!11!11!
Poster 2: NOOOEZ! Why are you leaving?
Poster 3: You made a huge impact on the forum, it's quite sad that you're going now. D:
Poster 4: aww that stinks! see ya Sad
Poster 1: mkay ima staying!!!


So basically, before quitting, think the following:

- Are you going for real?
- Are you ever going to come back?

Please be aware that some people spend a lot of time on this forum, and if you have made a huge impact in your stay, then please be aware that you are upsetting people by leaving.

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