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The Report System: Reminders

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The Report System: Reminders Empty The Report System: Reminders

Post by The Monkey Man on Tue Aug 17, 2010 12:32 pm

Recent events have pushed me to post the following reminder about the Report System in use here.

First all, allow me to remind everyone what the Report System is meant to serve for:

It has been implanted in the lights that if the Staff misses something that needs immediate attention, then members who notice it can lend a hand and report it.

Now to business...

A few members, not mentioning names, have been using the system for wrong purposes. We're currently receiving reports ranging from something we've just taken care of to completely useless reports.

We don't always get to everyone's topic for finding someone breaking the rules, but if it's an old post from last year or a double post don't even bother to report it as it is a waste of time for the staff member, unless it has considerably bad/dangerous content. We will do our best to make sure that everyone is follow the rules so if its really needed please send a report. Have any question please let one of the staff members know.

Also, the reports are not a means of moderating other members. By this I mean that it isn't in need of immediate attention if someone double posts. It's against the rules, but last we checked, the Staff was still active enough to take care of these Smile

We're therefore asking that you please use the Report System with care: Does it need to be done? Is it in need of immediate attention? If not, please refrain from sending in a report.

We've decided that as of now, abusive reports will lead to reminders at first, then warnings. Also, members who're warned about sending abusive reports will see themselves in unable to send further reports, and other restrictions to features of this forum.

It's just like someone setting off the school alarm during lesson, and the fire or police come, just to report that someone was using their cellphone when the teacher was trying to educate the class. While it's still against the rules, it isn't in need of immediate attention.

I'd personally like to take this moment to thank those who use the Report System correctly. It helps us loads, especially when we're running low on times and tend to miss out some stuff.

The Monkey Man
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