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Rules for Userpages/Blogs.

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Rules for Userpages/Blogs.

Post by The Monkey Man on Wed Sep 15, 2010 3:03 pm

The rules applied to posts are the same with all parts of the site, including userpages. There's also a couple of more rules that you have to follow when you have a userpage/blog:

- Don't post too many images. Try to keep a maximum of 25 pictures in your userpage.
- Don't double post, unless you're bumping your userpage up to the top. You can bump your userpage once every 48 hours.
- You can only have one userpage/blog. Don't attempt to post a second one.
- Don't put bright text or flashing images that can make your eyes go weird, especially with this site's light-blue background.
- Don't post personal information. This includes email addresses and IM names.

Breakage of these rules will result in you losing access to the Userpages/Blogs forum.

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