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How To Become A Mod

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How To Become A Mod Empty How To Become A Mod

Post by The Monkey Man on Mon Sep 20, 2010 11:06 am

We have a pretty small community, and we have enough mods already - two administrators, two moderators, and a mini-mod. We will be hiring more in the future, as the community grows.

Being a mod is much more than having a cool nametag and a shiny new rank. We choose moderators very carefully, and if you request to be one, you will be automatically rejected. If there's staff positions open, we keep an eye out for members who:

  • Don't ask to become a mod, how to become one, or if they're ready to become a mod
  • Have a good SMBF background
  • Know all the rules, and how each violation should be dealt with
  • Have good grammar, including capitalization, decent spelling, and readable posting styles
  • Know how to run and manage a site
  • Have never been banned/suspended
  • Are very helpful to other users
  • Are kind to the community
  • Are active members of the forum
  • Respect the opinions of others
  • Help new users on the forum to join the community
  • Act optimistic and self-controlled
  • Are easily understandable, and word stuff in a way that is easy to read, especially for younger users

You also have to know how to keep your promotion (you can also get demoted from a mod to a regular user).

Moderating a forum gives you power and, along with that power, responsibility. The aim as a moderator is to use their powers for the benefit of the community. Of course, this requires tons of hard work and takes up lots of time, which most users aren't ready for. If you don't have of the requirements listed above, you aren't ready to become a moderator.


The Monkey Man
The Monkey Man

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How To Become A Mod Empty Re: How To Become A Mod

Post by FatalExplosionOfHappy on Thu Dec 02, 2010 2:16 pm

Okay this is good to know for the future thanks for the information - I'm sure everyone will be striving to be a good member Wink

Proud member of SMBF =]
Proud member of SMBF =]

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