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Peach and the big race - story by me

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Peach and the big race - story by me Empty Peach and the big race - story by me

Post by FatalExplosionOfHappy on Thu Dec 02, 2010 1:36 pm

I think this is the fanfic topic, right? If not I'm very sorry just delete this Wink

Anyway onto the hopefully-fanfic.

The Mario Race Of Mushroom School of Dramatics - December '10. Diary-blog-story type thing. You get it =P

Princess Peach envied her friends for joining school clubs simply to get out of the awful lessons and challenging classmates. And when a wonderful opportunity catches her eye, she overlooks the dangerous rivalry and loyalties are tested as she strives for the best. Only one can win first place and she quickly realizes that not only is she competing against foes, but friends too, and as the results are in can Peach hold her nerve - especially since there are underlying problems?

"Peach, come on." Her name was called as a prompt but her mind was blank. She didn't know why she took Drama as an O-level option. She was at a performing arts college so the only subject she would do was Drama. Okay for people that are good at dramatics. She was too shy to act, too quiet to raise her voice and too forgetful to remember any lines. As she stood there, her black witches outfit on, she could feel the spotlight burning her forehead, the sweat beading from her brow and the red-hot humiliation spilling over her cheeks.

"Peach - stay back after class please." Peach scowled. What did big-mouth Pattingson want now? She turned around. "What happened Peach? You just spoiled Laina's performance - you know she wants to be an actress? It's the group I will have to mark down - not just you"
Oh great. "Yeah, I know." Peach looked at her - what now? Just leave me alone, she thought dully.

"You know that Peach, she's just ruined my performance - we're gonna get an E now when we should have an A*!" Laina threw her gum into the bin from the back of the class, unfortunately it had the knack of missing and hitting someone on the back of the head.
"Hahaha. I know she's a right dunce sitting there swatting up at the front!" Joan, Laina's side kick and equally good at drama, jeered gleefully.
At that moment Peach walked through the door, Laina's gum catching on her shoe and sticking her foot to the floor temporarily. Of course the form burst into laughter as Peach sat down. Why wasn't Daisy or Rosalina here today? Daisy HAD to be at a gardening club meeting lasting all day and Rosalina was at the orthadontist and then a slam basketball tournament . Just when she needed them most. Peach sat down, still with the feeling eveyone was glaring at her, and thought to herself: If only I had a club to go to, so I could miss some lessons. Rosalina's got slam basketball and daisy has gardeing club. They are both passionate about their clubs and that left Peach with 2 extra lessons to do where the clubs were having daily meetings or matches.

Mrs Beaker had just finished announcing to the form about the new Mario Kart team. Two people from the form were to be chosen for the team, one as a reserve and one as a first choice. Walking back to her beloved mushroom kingdom, Peach thought about the opportunity to become a racer. It would help her confidence, sure, and she'd see and tour lots of fantastic places, but the best was yet to come: She'd miss out on some lessons! Unlocking the front door and scooting past the guards, she pulled out the piece of paper titled "Team Application" She was to complete it at the best of her ability if she wanted to be in with a chance.

In the morning, as Peach walked to her drama class, she studied her application once more. The writing was small and took up more than the actual provided box space. She didn't know whether it would be good enough. She didn't even know who she was competing against - until she walked into the theatre and saw Laina, smile as bright as the sun on a summer morning, handing in a piece of paper with a girl grinning on a motorbike on the top left hand corner. She looked down at her own application, realization dawning, and saw the same girl on the same bike. Only her smile seemed to be more sarcastic, smug and more trying, as if she were saying "bring it little girl!". Peach folded up the paper quickly. No time to back out. Laina might be good at Drama but she can't be as good at Karting - surely to goodness. She dropped the folded application onto Miss Pattingsons desk and sat down, refusing to think about anything. After all, what did she expect? For her to be the only one competing? This was a serious thing to enter yourself into - you needed to be not only skilful but dedicated, brave and willing to learn. Peach suddenly stopped concentrating on the floor and turned her attention to the past. The time she went Karting with Mario for the first time. Mario was Peaches friend, yes, but nothing more than that at this stage. He was good at Karting, too, and she felt sick when she first sat there in the unstable vehicle, gripping her feet tightly to the rubber mat, palms sweating and head spinning. She remembered moving an inch, the roar of the engine almost deafening, and her feet clamped against the breaks. However the second time she revved up the engine, calmed herself enough to stop gripping the side of the kart and focused on the gearpad, she didn't stop. She carried on through Luigi's circuit - only stopping once to dodge a shell. What's more - she beat Mario hands-down!

Peach clasped her hands together and tried to listen to Miss Pattingson nattering on about dramatic techniques and exaggeration enhanced performances. Her mind was replaying the scene over and over again, her winning, her mind telling her "there you are - you carried on because you believed in yourself and didn't let people stand in the way, not even the guards at the door warning you not to go Karting because of the dangers."

If the story is boring, please tell me not to carry on thanks Smile

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