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Dramatics and performing arts

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Dramatics and performing arts Empty Dramatics and performing arts

Post by FatalExplosionOfHappy on Thu Dec 02, 2010 1:44 pm

What do you think about Drama? Did you take it at school/college, do you have a job to do with it or a university degree?

I am studying GCSE drama. We have to mainly perform different plays and put on mini-showcases.
However I have a mock exam comming up and I need to write a monologue..

Basically the story is where.. wait do you know the Madeline McCann story about the girl who was kidnapped? It's a remake of that. But only her twin siblings are 15 and wondering what happened and the Mum is actually played by me and she dopes Madeline too much and hides the fact she's dead. Which isn't the real story but the teacher said we need to add our own personalized twist. Smile

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