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Post by FatalExplosionOfHappy on Sat Dec 04, 2010 11:28 am

Here is my guide to some Mario Kart Wii cheats! I know quite a lot, but I will post the YouTube ( links to the cheat videos. With thanks to all video makers Smile

I am trying to make all my cheats valid. If there is a fake link in any of my cheat links then please notify me about it below and I will try my best to replace it! I am sorry to those who's browsers do not support youtube, if you mail me then I can try to explain some cheats to you Smile

Okay, this is a cheat/shortcut for Delfino square:

For Coconut mall:
For DK's mountain: When you are on the grey mountain stick to the right of the mountain so it is quicker for you to get down Smile This cheat was told to me by a friend and it works brilliantly.
For Moo Moo Meadows: Basically cut across the grass using mushrooms. If you don't use the mushrooms you are slower. Watch here:

And for now that's all. Good luck!

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