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Post by Sting_Chameleon on Tue Jan 11, 2011 4:25 am

I know many glitches but I'm gonna post just 3 of them and one of them isn't much of a glitch, as it's more of a trick. Just keep in mind, I didn't find the first two. I'm only making them more popular. Smile

EDIT: Added more! This time, there's some clipping through a wall or two going on! Very Happy Also, keep a note that the ones marked '*NEW*' are the ones I added to the post. Happy Gaming!

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Early Shinesprite - Skipping Pianta Toss
Yoshi Clipping
Mario In a Box!
Weird Camera Shinesprite Grab

Under-Water Mario!

This one is simply done in Delfino Plaza(main area). Make your way to the waterfall at the Shinesprite Gate. You'll notice there is a blockage of wooden sticks in between the gate. You would want to get in the water and swim in the middle. Then, hold forward into the gate, and at the same time, press B twice to lower yourself, and to force Mario to grab on the ledge and fall, and about 1/2 a second after he falls, press B again to dive under the water, and on flat ground. There you go! Walking underwater! A fairly simple to hard glitch, but it looks fun if you ask me. And to keep track of things, you can breathe as if your above dry land! If you find barrier breaks in water levels, you can use you navigation to get around underwater without the worry of your air gauge going out!

Infinite Lives!(this is more of a trick rather than a glitch. might be useful!)

To see how this is done, you would simply head to Delfino Plaza and just collect a good amount of coins. However many you want. Now if you remember seeing those pipes for those minigames to get an extra Shinesprite? Well, jump in one, but don't complete it. Instead, press start, and exit level. This takes you back to the re-spawn point in Delfino Plaza. Remember those coins you collected? Go back to the location you found them and see for yourself that they respawn! Yes, you CAN get 999 coins this way, and YES you can also get 99 lives this way too. Long process but it IS worth it. However, I'm not positive that this works on other levels which would guarantee a free Shinesprite. Feel free to test that yourselves.

Early Shinesprite without Hydro Nozzle!

To be honest, I found this one out myself. But it IS hard to pull off. At the beginning and normal respawn point in Delfino Plaza, if you look to your left, you will notice there is a Shinesprite in a building blocked by doors that can only be knocked out by using the Hydro nozzle. However, there is an alternate method that can help this. Just beyond the building that has your three nozzles in it, red, blue and gray, there are two barrels full of water. Now there is only a certain point in which these barrels can be stood apon. It's a little messed up but thats how the game was made. What you need to do is figure out which way the standing spot from the barrel is pointing from only one of them. Now pick it up and take it to the door with the Shinesprite in it. When facing the door, place the barrel in the right side of the door with the standable spot, going through the wall(the part of the wall that is sticking out!). Now go and grab the other barrel and place it right beside the first barrel with the standable spot pointing in the similar direction, only a little to the right. Make sure the barrels are as close to the wall as possible. If you haven't guessed already, we are going to attempt to 'push' Mario through the wall to end up on the other side. So jump in between the barrels, trying to stay in between them, and when you are in between the barrels, have Mario face the barrel closest to the door, in sort of a parallel way, keep walking forward and as Mario is clipping through the barrel, jump. As you may know, this will take several tries to get right to clip through the wall. I have only discovered this earlier due to my discovery with barrel clipping. Kinda, maybe, who knows. Collect the Shinesprite to give proof that you haven't used the Hydro nozzle. Smile

*NEW*Early Shinesprite - Skipping Pianta Toss

If you ever payed 10 lousy coins to get to a Shinesprite in Delfino Plaza, trust me, you won't need to if you started a new game that is. The barrels only spawn in the beginning of the gameI think cause I haven't seen any throughout the rest of the game. You would need ONE barrel, and fine Spin Jumping skills to get to where you need to go. In this case, on top of the roof that a Pianta Guy would throw you in through when you completed a Shinesprite in the 1st and 2nd levels. Once you get up there WITH a barrel, stand on the very edge on the top roof(not the pointy middle-top), then use your 'look around' button(Y), and line yourself up with the edge. Place the barrel without throwing by standing still, and press B. If the barrel doesn't explode, your good to go. Now get a little bit higher than the barrel higher on the roof and start to walk down into the barrel. Notice that when you try, Mario will clip a little bit through the roof, and when you see this happen, stop moving so he doesn't grab back on the ledge to hop back up. When you clipped through, grab the Shinesprite to warp back out. I'm so glad you start from the respawn point in Delfino Plaza when you grab a Shinesprite. Otherwise this wouldn't be much of a breakthrough.

*NEW*Yoshi Clipping(didn't discover. just making it more popular)

This one is fairly fun to try out if you have the time to try it! To begin, grab the Yoshi on the roof, or wherever you stop Shadow Mario when you reach that event. It's like 30-37 Shinesprites into the game. Now once you have your Yoshi, find a slope that you can't slide on but is fairly steep. Now jump to the top of the slope and while your in midair above where the slope starts(not above stand-able ground or slide-able ground), press (X) to dismount the Yoshi. Now head to the bottom of the slope, and try to wiggle the camera behind the level itself to find where Yoshi is. In this case, behind the wall! Note that if he's close enough to the wall, but not barely seen within the wall, you can mount him through the wall! Please note this can be used to skip using the Hydro Nozzle for the Shinesprite near where you FIRST spawn in the game AFTER the Airstrip event. However, your always stuck using the Hover Nozzle when you dismount Yoshi, or ride with him into a level. It IS true that you lose Yoshi when entering a level, and yes, believe me, it's not the best of things with the programming the makers put into this game. But it is refreshing they did a good job with specific counter values they put in the beginning of the game! Trust me, there is no way to beat the 5th Shinesprite level in Pianta Village if you got to it early in the game. You'd need to rescue a Yoshi first in Delfino Plaza, or find a way to clip through the yellow goo underneath the main part of the level. Which is called the underside for some reason, but whatever it is, thats where that one irritating sprite is just so you know.

*NEW*Mario, In a Box!(didn't discover. just making it more popular)

To put Mario in a box, you'd need the Hydro Nozzle and to be in Delfino Plaza. Just be aware that this is completely useless, but it is fairly entertaining to see. There is one big box in the whole level, and that's near the Shine Gate. Remember there is fairly good timing needed in this and somewhat good navigation on water with the Hydro Nozzle. You would want to use the Hydro Nozzle and navigate under the planks with the Big Box on top in that corner. Just before you hit the wall, jump. If you happened to do it correctly, Mario would be inside a box! You can easily walk out if it as if there wasn't anything in Mario's way.

*NEW*Weird Camera Shinesprite Grab(Unknown discoverer. Might as well make it more popular. Razz)

Have you ever noticed how there is NO Shinesprite's in the underground pipe-lines? This is because of the desired camera angles the makers used and how it wouldn't look right when grabbing a Shinesprite. Well, this is still unavoidable. If you ever saw a dirty bell with like something that looks like a radio antenna, clean that, and use the underground pipe lines to reach the Shinesprite. However, purposely dodge the Shinesprite and try to jump above it, then ground pound. If you grabbed the Shinesprite, then you did good. Mario will then fall down, go through the pipe line entrance, and simply shows off that he found a Shinesprite. But the camera angle is in a weird view and it looks like a fine bug if I say so myself.

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