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READ: Don't post here, or risk deletion of your account!

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READ: Don't post here, or risk deletion of your account!

Post by The Monkey Man on Mon Mar 09, 2009 1:46 am

Hi, fellow members of SMBF.

As it says in the description of this sub-forum, don't post here! pig
This forum has been set up to catch the spambots that frequent this forum. Spambots are computer programs signing up on forums and leaving advertisement messsages.

It appears that most bots (although not all) take, top-down, the first forum on the board index in which they can post. By placing this fake forum on top of our list of forums, we hope that spam bots will post here.

This forum will remain empty. We will delete all topics and posts made here (not including any threads posted by mods/admins, unless they are spammy, of course), as well as the accounts that post them.

Do not post in this forum. If you post here, your account may be considered a spambot. Your account may be removed without warning.

Of course, not all spambots work in the same way. We still expect spam topics or posts to appear in other forums, but hopefully less than usual.

If you find spam topics or posts elsewhere on SMBF, hit and leave a message for the SMBF staff.

Also, never, ever reply to spam. Spambots may track replies to topics and come back to sign up for more spamming. Also, your tendency to shout at a piece of script is a sign of stupidity at the extreme scale. We may put you on preview to prevent you from further embarassing yourself.

So DON'T post or reply to threads on this sub-forum, or you may be classified as a spambot!


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