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What to do when you see a spam message

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What to do when you see a spam message Empty What to do when you see a spam message

Post by The Monkey Man on Thu Mar 12, 2009 2:52 pm

This thread explains what to do when you see a spam message on the forums.

Spam is basically in it's name: Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages. It's creating messages that are advertisements, abusive, or otherwise unwanted on Internet forums. It is generally done by automated spambots, but is also done by normal users on occasions. This is strictly against the rules, especially if they do it in the first ten posts. Anyway, if you see a spam message anywhere on the forums:

  • NEVER REPLY TO THE MESSAGE THE SPAMMER POSTED. Spammers can track replies and when they get one, they return for more spamming. Don't even reply to say that it's spam, or that you reported it. Plus, your account will be disabled.
  • Report the message by clicking the What to do when you see a spam message Report10 button. This means that when the admins recieve the report notification, they can remove the spam message and ban the user that sent the spam message.
  • Don't point it out to the entire forum. This just makes it worse.
  • If it is a chain letter (eg. Post this ten times within the next two minutes or you will turn into a pigeon), do NOT spread around the chain letter. If you do this, you might be classified as a spambot as well as the original spammer.
When Spam is sent to you by Personal Message (PM):

  • Do NOT complain about it on the forum. That just gives the spammer more attention.
  • Forward the message to an administrator. Don't edit the message at all.
  • If the PM is truly dangerous such as p*rn*graphy, viruses or illegal keys, then contact an Administrator immediately.

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