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How to Make a Good Activity

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How to Make a Good Activity Empty How to Make a Good Activity

Post by sk8r gurl on Fri Dec 04, 2009 12:51 am

Say what you have to do in the game. Give specifics, and make it as detailed as possible. Tell them how to do it. You can't really host an activity with the members not knowing what they have to do, can ya? XD

Rules are usually added to threads to have a little control in them. It's to stop the thread spinning in the wrong directions.

Here's a list of recommended ones:
  • Please don't go off topic to the activity.
  • No double posting.
  • Don't post unless you are going to participate.
  • Please follow the rules of both this activity and this site.
  • Have fun!

Examples are really important as well, they let members know what they're doing. If they see someone else do it, then they now probably know what to do a bit more. ;D

Now you're ready to post your activity! Have fun! Very Happy
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