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Who's your favorite/least favorite Pokémon?

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Who's your favorite/least favorite Pokémon? Empty Who's your favorite/least favorite Pokémon?

Post by Ancel3 on Fri Feb 04, 2011 5:12 pm

Before anybody complains, I know that there's already another Pokémon topic here. That's just for general discussion, though. HERE, list your favorite/least favorite/most-like-you Pokémon. My favorite would either be Luxray for fighting, or Snorlax for character. I HATE Onix and Steelix, mostly because my Luxray can't do crap to them. My main team consists of Luxray, Gyarados, Snorlax, Staraptor, Pachirisu and Combee. The first 3 fight, I have Pachirisu and Combee to collect items,(Pachirisu has Pickup, and Combee has Honey Gather) and Staraptor is an HM slave that I trained to level 34 for the Pokédex entry. I met Luxray as a Shinx, where I nick-named her SHANX, and I've used her every since. She's still my main Pokémon. What about you? 0_o
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