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Competition Rules - Please read before entering ANY contest

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Competition Rules - Please read before entering ANY contest

Post by sk8r gurl on Tue Oct 06, 2009 9:18 am

This thread explains the rules you have to follow when entering a contest. Breaking these might result in elimination of your entry for the participated contest, no matter how much hard work has been put into it.

Work hard on the entry. I really doubt a non-detailed stick man screaming at a sock will make you win a contest.

Do not copy or plagerize. This is a strict rule - any entries found copying from other members or sites or books will be immediately removed from the thread, and the user will lose access to post in the competitions forum permanently.

Don't post unless you're going to participate or you have a question about the contest in the same post. Lots of members tend to participate in the contests, and narrower posts will help Administrators find the entries easier.

Read the main thread carefully. It might include extra rules that you need to follow.

Follow the rules of both the competition and the main site. Competitions still count as part of this site, and result in the same punishments.

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