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Guide to the Warning System

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Guide to the Warning System

Post by The Monkey Man on Tue Jul 28, 2009 8:29 am

I've recently added a warning system, so it's easier to tell how many rules a user has broke.

They're basically small bars at the side of your posts. There's five to collect, but don't see if you can collect them all. xD
Here's what they each mean:

- Fairly well behaved, less than five mild rules broke
- Broken five mild rules
- Broken ten mild rules, or one strict rule
- Broken fifteen mild rules
- Broken twenty mild rules, two strict rules, or one severe rule - BANNED

If you guys behave, you will stay with the first image. Also, if you have the three middle bars, you still have a chance; if you break no rules for six months, your bar will fill up one bit.

You also have five chances. The first 'banned' rank will be for 5 days. The second one will last for a week. The third will be a month. The fourth will be three months. The fifth will be permanent. If you try to bypass any of the bans and create another account to still annoy the forum, both accounts will be deleted and you will be permanently IP banned. Also, if you get banned for breaking a severe rule, you will be permanent banned on the first sighting. Unlike the warnings, your bans only get worse. They don't get better after 6 months like nothing's happened.

We hope this update will make the forum a better and more friendly community. If you wish to avoid getting less of your bar filled, please read the rules thoroughly.

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