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Rules for the Off Topic forum (please read before posting in it)

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Rules for the Off Topic forum (please read before posting in it) Empty Rules for the Off Topic forum (please read before posting in it)

Post by The Monkey Man on Thu Oct 30, 2008 3:49 am

Hello, I'm the Monkey Man. This Off Topic forum is for users to post topics that are not related to Mario. But just because this forum is for off topicness, it doesn't mean you're as free as a bird. You have to follow certain rules:

  1. This is not the place to advertise your websites. Any inappropiate websites will be removed and the user posting them will get permanently banned on the first sighting.
  2. No boyfriend/girlfriend discussion, or any talk about 'Seeking bf/gf' or 'I'm getting married!'. This is considered 'personal relationship' discussion, and is against the rules of this site, because it can sometimes lead to extremely inappropiate subjects.
  3. Don't discuss death of family/pets in this forum, as this can also lead to inappropiate subjects.
  4. Don't post any threads saying stuff like 'What I did today', as this is considered spam. SMBF is a forum, not a blog, otherwise it would be SMBB.
  5. Just because this is an off topic forum, please stick to the rules.
  6. Please don't post any chain letters or spam messages in this forum.
  7. Make sure this is the right forum that you may wish to post in. If you don't think it fits into this forum, please look to see if any of the other forums may fit with your subject.
  8. Don't ask for any medical help. You can never trust people for medical health over the internet. Asking how to treat a scorpion sting on a forum meant for a Nintendo game probably isn't going to get you much correct information.

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